12 Essays – 2019 Writing Project

12 Essays of 2019

At the end of 2019, I am a proud owner of 12 Essays, each of 1000 words as per WordPress count, ranging from Time to Books, to Love, to Travelling, and Bridges, from Inspiration to Vulnerability, from Nature to Recharging, from Simple Life to October to Change.
1000 words on each. Unedited, unpolished, straight from the heart.

Download it for free below and enjoy your reading!

Hello Lovelies,

I write this at the end of 2019, a beautiful year for my writing, a successful year, as I have to admit to myself at first, and then to all out there.

My 2019 side writing project, the 12 Essays was delivered in full and I am proud of keeping the joy alive for 12 months, the result being accessible for all below.

As I am preparing now the 2020 side writing project, soon to be announced, this little page will be archived, but the Essays will be accessible by download as .pdf, in a beautiful format, cover page and all.

Thank you for following me this year, for your love messages and long emails, short texts and heartwarming conversations! It was what kept me writing!

Much love,


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