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Author of a million tiny stories and a huge one.

Welcome, welcome!

As you have found your way to this place, either knowingly or by chance, I welcome you! Hope you will feel encouraged to browse the pages, read for a while, look at some images, sip a cup of tea or coffee and munch on some homemade goodies.

I’m a super (cool and weird) auntie living in an attic, with a black and white cat and a German Sheppard, drinking tea, coffee, and prosecco and enjoying baking and eating homemade goodies, listening to epic music and strongly arguing with my friends, the characters.

I believe in the power of the written word, and know words can heal, support, change, sustain and bless one’s life. I’m fighting the good fight and dreaming the good dream, but mostly I write stories all day, every day.

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Warm hugs,


The Essays Collection of 2019 is available for download, for free, on the Gifts page.


“A New Council “

– Volume 1 of The Whispers of the Graces Trilogy is coming soon!

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