Author of a million tiny stories and a huge one.
She writes novels before she goes to sleep at night. Every night.
Super (cool and weird) auntie living in an attic, with a black and white cat, drinking tea, coffee and prosecco while munching on homemade goodies, listening to epic music while strongly arguing with her friends- the characters.
Believes in the power of the written word.
Feels the words can heal, support, change, sustain and bless one’s life.
Passionate about long letters and emails, winter and comfort, road-trips and jazz-cognac parties, an avid photographer, and books + notebooks hoarder.
Fighting the good fight and dreaming of good dreams.


She also takes photos with her cameras named Wolfie and Mishu and tells short stories about the life she sees through her lenses. You can check it here: RoseKate.




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