Author of a million tiny stories and a huge one.

She writes novels before she goes to sleep at night. Every night.

Super (cool and weird) new auntie living in an attic, with a black and white cat, drinking tea and coffee while munching on homemade goodies,  listening to epic music on old vinyl while writing and strongly arguing with her friends- the characters.

Believes in the power of the written word.

Feels the words can heal, support, change, sustain, bless one’s life.

Passionate about long letters and emails, winter and comfort, road-trips and jazz-wine parties, an avid photographer, and non-stop reader.

Fighting the good fight and dreaming of good dreams.

The Three Questions: Why, How and What I write?


I have been writing since I could replicate my parents’ writings, fascinated that some symbols can actually tell a story. Have started with my name, copying my Mom, and looking at the lines and circles that somehow represent me.

Then, sentences with a noun and a verb later phrase with a lot of words and punctuation marks. A lot of ellipses in my texts, always showing there is more to the words.

When stories started to form inside my mind and the need to put them on paper, I have started creating characters that in secret I wished I lived their lives, and stories that I wished I could call my own.

Must say I have always had an outstanding support system. Parents, friends, teachers, they have always encouraged me and asked for more of my writing.

When I have started the Healer Queen, I had no idea it will take such impact and Queen Katie will become such a huge part of my life.  Here I am. three years later, still writing about her and her friends, still talking to her, amazed by how imagination works. Might be magic.


Truth be told it is easy to create stories. We all do it. From early ages, right before we go to sleep, or when we are people watching and even when we read something.

We’re all storytellers.

Writing usually starts with this nagging character that won’t leave you alone, that will appear at random at first, then occupying more and more your thoughts and dreams, and before long you can’t think of anything but his/her story. And you feel obliged to put it on paper.

When you do it for a longer time, you can tell for sure how he/she looks when smiling, or what his/her dreams are, what would he/she eat for a midnight snack and even the sound of the laughter.

Beware, you cannot control this character, no matter how hard you try. They have their own lives and volition and sometimes you stare thunderstruck when they do something you did not expect. They change their stories and they make new paths, and all you can do is to record their adventures.

Practically, how do I write, you ask? I put down the initial action, discussions, that form the skeleton of the story. Then, you keep adding- characters, subplots, different points of view. And layers and layers of the story until it is fully clothed and ready to walk out that door.


What am I writing?

Mostly dreams. Children’s books. Teen. Young adult.  For the young at heart.

Fantasy. If it cannot have dragons in it, it feels like it is lacking something. Add some magic and I am happy. And if it tells tales of friendship and fighting the good fight and universal good, I am won forever.

Mostly I write the stories I want my niece and my godsons and goddaughters to read, stories that would open their hearts to the good in this world.



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