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The Story of October

The Story of October – October’s Essay

October has a special place in my heart and it feels as it is like a second December.

The world stops from spinning like headless chickens and manages to take some deep breaths and another look at the surroundings. Usually the captivating surrounding is a yellow tree, or an orange bush popping from the greenery.

We relish on sweater weather and hot coffees, long walks, and road-trips to witness the change in colour and the crispness and glory of autumn mornings. If we go up high, we might even find a mix of emotions, a mix of seasons, the first snow among the colourful foliage.

We take the scenic routes home; we spend most free time in parks, in the gardens, observing each leaf’s compliance with the season, and immortalizing on film or on digital means the small and daily changes. Here is a half-turned leaf, there a gourde, a dried rose and some mums, looking tall and pretty. And we take turns in the garden, collect the collectables and eat juicy apples that we’ve dreamed of all summer. Even pumpkins appear here and there, on display or in a menu, for all those pumpkin lovers.

Last fruits are being picked, and usually they’re quinces. Jams are in the making and apple pies and pumpkin spices, and everything nice… Hot comfort foods are being prepared in all the kitchens as there’s nothing like a warm soup to nourish our bodies and souls.

As the sun tends to go to bed earlier and rise a bit later than usual, so do our bodies, welcoming the early nights (and, if possible, the sleep ins) as well as the quietness that comes after sunset. Somehow the world gets quieter and moves slower, and we tend to gather round the homes. We invest in candles, blankets, start baking again and spend more time introverting than usual.

Foggy mornings and moody 4 PM atmosphere when the world seems to disappear and magic seems to fall upon our heads.

October brings it all. All the glory of Auntie Autumn, from weather, goodies, comfort; and we all become artists ready and willing to observe life.

There’s a joy lingering in the air, a feeling of celebration, of togetherness and mischief.

Somehow this celebration does not feel peaceful as Christmas does, but it brings families around a home-cooked Sunday meal. There’s, also, a sniggering feeling of wickedness. Makes sense as it all culminates with Halloween, though.

Masks and pranks and trick or treats, jack-o’-lanterns, cobwebs, flickering lights, wicked amount of candies, first mug of mulled wine.

Extremely sensorial this month of October. The moment we mention it, all our senses come to life and we can actually grasp its meaning. Visual, as the trees change colours, perfumes with apple, quinces, foggy mornings, teas, taste goes as well, you can hear the fallen leaves and the swish-swash of the dried up grass blades and you can feel the textures of wool sweaters and warm mugs.

We start tweaking this and that, create autumn arrangements, colourful leaves wreaths, carve pumpkins and gather round some fires to roast the first chestnuts.

And then, there’s the spike of creativity. After all the wonderful adventures of summer, when we lived, now we can gather around our desks to create. Remembering our summer memories, we start to feel the need to tell our stories, to make new things, to dust old projects, to work on some ideas.

And then, later in the evening, we curl up in our favourite nooks, arrange the Feng Shui, and immerse ourselves in the pages of a good book, with torn covers and old smell, that rustle just like the outside leaves.

We take time to enjoy the longer sunsets, colourful skies, to cuddle with the dogs and the cats, and to also treat them with goodies.

Somehow the world seems happier, kinder, more open to understanding.

A very smart friend of mine once wrote: “Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.” And I firmly believe that the creative life begins somehow in autumn. Oh, and that smart friend of mine’s name is Scott Fitzgerald. I bet you know him also. And that you’re also friends.

Then, the best road-trips happen in autumn. Somehow they are more adventurous than languorous summers lounging by the pool, our joie de vivre is awakened again and we find ourselves fully immersed in adventures.

Oh, and those wonderful October evenings with their golden light, carefully caressing the old buildings in the city center. Or those rainy days, when the colours are even more vivid and vibrant! Photographers, all around the world, go nuts for autumn pictures.

And the flowers? What about the abundance of flowers at the market? Farmers markets in autumn are the best. For all tastes. I love going to farmers markets, usually to buy flowers, but we never leave without some goodies for the home. A pumpkin, a cabbage, some carrots, a bag of apples, last tomatoes and some cucumbers to be turned into pickles. Some dried seeds of dill, some beeswax candles, the farmers market has it all. In all shapes and sizes, varieties and colours, just for us to take home.

Exultation of spirits, might be the overall mood.

There’s no doubt, October is a crowd pleaser. We can see it all around. On all people’s faces.

Yes, yes, summer has its perks, vacations, longer days, this and that, but I am glad, as another friend of mine said, to live in a world where there are Octobers. Come on, it is not like I would skip mentioning this quote of one book I adore, would I?

This month’s essay is an ode to the month itself, and I find that quite amusing.

If I would conclude this essay giving you a bit of my love for autumn, then I am happy. If not, wait and see what I have in store for December! That is my first love.

Until next month, stay awesome, darlings!