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The Story of Recharging

The Story of Recharging - July Essay Summer. Holiday. Summer holiday. As summer spent in the smouldering city when even the asphalt is melting under your shoes, is so not a way I dream of living this season. Summer is hard on some, who would want to aestivate, you know - those people who’d rather… Continue reading The Story of Recharging

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The Story of Vulnerability

The Story of Vulnerability - May Essay Well, now things get serious. We talked about Time, Communities, Travelling and Inspiration. All in the light of being creative and living that creative and authentic life that most of us strive for. Have been struggling with this month's theme, as I looked at the list of topics… Continue reading The Story of Vulnerability

12 Essays 2019, Bits of wisdom, Inspirational

The Story of Building Bridges

The Story of Building Bridges - February Essay Everyone at some point in their lives feels disconnected. Isolated and even lonely without trying. And this solitude - not the creative one, or the one from which we build something, but the debilitating one, has only one known cure. Meaningful connections. Question: how? Answer: Building bridges.… Continue reading The Story of Building Bridges